At Pactole Financial Strategies, Robert Tozzi and his team espouse five core values when conducting business with clients and providers. These values are part of our DNA and guide us when advising our clients and helping them with their choice of financial services.

We work in good faith and with integrity for our clients’ best interests.

We have a 360-degree vision in order to help clients make informed and accurate decisions tailored to their needs.

We always share relevant information with our clients.

We are not affiliated with any financial product providers, which enables us to take the pulse of the market and offer the very best product or service to our clients.

We are committed to fostering cooperation between all stakeholders: our clients, team, partners, professionals and product providers.

Emboyding our values every day
The financial institutions do not lack imagination when trying to attract clients’ attention. However, at Pactole Financial Strategies, we don’t offer any gifts or kickbacks. We prefer to guide our clients, like a financial GPS: we take the time to carry out comprehensive, strategic planning. Since we keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the financial sector and with various financial institutions, we can offer competitive financial services attuned to our clients’ realities.
Pactole Financial Strategies provides fee- or commission-based personal and commercial financial planning services, based on a needs assessment and the business volume of each client. We can enter into a full or partial service agreements with our clients. Any commission is already included in the cost of the financial products; selected financial institutions and insurance companies will pay Pactole Financial Strategies directly for services rendered. The client will always pay the financial institution or insurance company directly for any financial products.